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All about Something Ode

Something Ode was founded with a clear objective - to elevate fashion circularity for our community of modern women. We advocate for giving quality, preloved pieces a second life because they were crafted to last. We advocate for consuming new goods consciously because every single product affects our planet. We advocate for responsible disposal because clothing waste is a serious global problem.

A platform for sustainable fashion lover

Through stunning curations, we are slowing fashion down without taking the joy out of it. We believe that by making fashion circularity popular and convenient, we can dramatically minimise the industry’s environmental footprint. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil, and we are doing our part to offset the scale. All profits made from Something Ode’s preloved collection will be donated to charities.

Our attributes

SOMETHING ODE is our curated platform, which offers you a range of exceptional fashion pieces that have been consciously crafted. Every product from our edition is carefully selected with at least one of our attributes in mind. We want to make sure our attributes are kind to the community, animals and the environment, and aligned with the fashion industries’ best practices recognised at the international level. Discover our edit and support a more sustainable future.

How we select our brands


In an effort to improve environmental footprints, brands that practise local production foster shorter lead time, smaller production scale, faster response rate and stronger community cohesion, slowly working towards a more sustainable local economy.

Artistry and Craft

– Luxury lies in details. We collaborate with brands that show appreciation of high quality craftsmanship to support unique designs and local cultures.

Fair Trade

– People are at the heart of the fashion industry, and as part of our commitment to supporting local communities and their families, we connect with socially responsible brands that improve the lives of marginalized workers.

Eco friendly Production

– Eco friendly materials include those that are recycled, naturally-derived, biodegradable, and in-between fabrics such as transitional cotton, modal, yak down and dead stock.

Minimal Waste

– Reducing waste is at the forefront of a conscious production, making the most out of all resources to create beautiful and functional garments and goods.